Help CSS Build an Outdoor Classroom

We aOutdoor Classroom Graphicre in the process of acquiring materials for a mini pond, bog garden and outdoor classroom area.  This area will be utilized by all grades to study living ecosystems on campus.  We feel this will be an invaluable tool in translating academic learning into the real world.

We have received generous funding through the UTOTES program and would like to make the most of the opportunity.  Any materials donated would allow us to utilize UTOTES funds for additional classroom materials.  If you have or would be willing to purchase any of the following items, please contact Mary Riddick or Lisa Jenkins.

We will also be happy to accept any offers of assistance in the installation and maintenance of these habitats.

Desired Supplies:

  • Triple Shredded Hardwood mulch
  • Scrap carpet, newspaper
  • Large, thin flat stones (enough for perimeter of pond)
  • Long log (for an amphibian ramp)
  • Sand
  • Topsoil
  • Pea gravel
  • Mosquito dunks
  • Floating thermometer
  • Dechlorinator solution
  • Native aquatic plants
  • Pots for plants
  • White dishpans
  • Hand nets (various sizes)
  • white ice cube trays
  • Turkey baster(s) and/or pipettes
  • Hand held magnifying glasses
  • Pond Life and Vernal Pool field guides
  • Nearby seating/tables for students to examine pond critters
  • Sphagnum moss (Peat moss) without fertilizer