Tyler Chapman

Savannah Class of 2006, Marketing Coordinator, Entrepreneur

After graduating from Contentnea (won George Warren Cup), I went on to Savannah. After leaving Savannah (where I was the 8th grade valedictorian), I attended North Lenoir High School and graduated with honors and became heavily involved with Future Business Leaders of America.  After high school, I attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

When things got tough, I would just sit back and think about the bigger picture. If you have something to work for or look forward to, you will do everything in your power to conquer the obstacle. Also, it helped for me to find an outlet to ease my mind. It could be music, art, sports, or any kind of positive activity that you enjoy.

Tyler ChapmanI was motivated by a support system (parents,grandparents, mentors, etc.) and seeing individuals doing what I wanted to do and keeping up with their success. Just by seeing them succeed caused me to push harder towards what I wanted to accomplish. If you have a dream or goal, never let anyone steer you away from it. YOU are the only person who is in charge of your future and the choices you make, whether good or bad, will definitely follow you so choose WISELY!

I reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Right now, I am working in the marketing field as a marketing coordinator for a textile company. I also am an entrepreneur (TastyBakes) and an Uber driver.