What is STEM?

The Contentnea-Savannah School STEM lab
The Contentnea-Savannah School STEM lab

The definitions and information found on this page are derived from the North Carolina Department of Education, and the STEM Job and STEM Industry definitions are quoted from a STEM Index report from STEMflorida, Inc. in partnership with Workforce Florida, Inc.  The full STEM Index report can be found in the National STEM Attributes section of the STEM East website.

STEM Education and Leadership prepares 21st Century K-12 STEM educators and leaders to teach and disseminate new integrated approaches to STEM teaching and provides learning opportunities that benefit students in North Carolina to be career and college ready.  North Carolina’s STEM Education efforts aim to connect education programs, post-secondary education, policy-makers, business/industry, and other state agencies to STEM initiatives to the Department of Public Instruction, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools to ensure our citizens are learning the skills that will keep their communities globally competitive.

A STEM Job requires application of knowledge across the areas of science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics, and demands higher order critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A STEM Job:

  • Requires a post-secondary degree, industry certification/ licensure, and/or advanced training;
  • Links to career pathways with increased earning potential; and
  • Provides opportunities for advancement and continuous learning in STEM and non-STEM fields.

STEM Industry has a high concentration of STEM jobs, drives economic prosperity, and promotes innovation. STEM Industry links with the Talent Supply Chain to align education and training with demand-driven and market- relevant skills.

For more information, visit the STEM East website.

Contentnea-Savannah School’s STEM Lab

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CSS was the first school in Lenoir County with a computer lab dedicated to STEM education. The lab comprises 12 work stations and an interactive SMART Board, allowing 24 students to work simultaneously on projects related to science, technology, engineering and math. The lab was primarily funded by a $350,000 grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation and has been featured in The Kinston Free Press.

CSS has since added a second STEM lab. Located on the middle school elective hall, the lab serves our school’s CTE and engineering students. In addition to the computer work stations one would expect to find in a 21st century setting, the lab also boasts multiple 3D printers and a multitude of kits and manipulatives used for a variety of engineering projects.

STEM time!

In addition to our dedicated STEM labs, all students in middle school have designated STEM time each day in which they work on various projects related to science, technology, engineering, and math. Meanwhile, students in all grades, K-8, work on rigorous lessons in which STEM skills are incorporated into the curriculum on a regular basis.